Call For Papers

The topic of the paper submitted to this conference is included but not limited to:
Mechanical Automation
Numerical control technology and numerical control system
Intelligent manufacturing technology
Testing technology
Computer integrated manufacturing system
Control engineering
Molding manufacturing and automation
Instrument science and technology
Thermal power equipment and application
Application of artificial intelligence in the mechanical field
Automatic control and technology
Automatic instruments and equipment
Mechanical engineering
Plant modeling and automation
Mechanical control
Test technology and troubleshooting
Thermal equipment
Fluid machinery and engineering
Electromechanical engineering
Human-computer interaction
Power mechanical engineering
Simulation technology of control system
Control signal processing system
Control theory and application

Engineering Materials
Nanometer material and nanotechnology
Biological materials
Characterization and analysis of materials
Physical and mechanical properties of materials
Material physics and mechanical properties
Advanced materials
Ceramics and polymers
Compound material
Magnets and superconductivity
Functional materials
Mechanical metallurgy, manufacturing and texture
Casting technology
Structure, performance and heat treatment of materials
Magnetic substance
Material processing and handling
High strength alloy
Carbon based materials
Metals and alloys
Alloy development
New materials and properties
Optical material
Polymeric materials
Smart materials

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