Special Session 1: Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science


Dr Homan Emadifar

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Hamedan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Hamedan,Iran


Dr Geeta Arora

Professor, Lovely Professional University, India

Email: geetadma@gmail.com


Original research papers as well as reviews are included in this special session, which aims to emphasize the contributions made by mathematicians to the study of complex materials. The areas of Calculus of Variations, Partial Differential Equations, Functional Analysis, Differential Geometry and Topology, as well as Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling, are all referenced in the included themes and methodologies. Mathematicians, engineers, and scientists who are interested in using mathematical computing and analysis to solve materials science challenges come together in this research area. Mathematicians, engineers, and scientists with an interest in materials science mathematics from a variety of settings, including national laboratories, industry, and academia, are among the researchers in this field.


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